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by ROY O.

Scratch is a cover mixtape that embodies many meanings. At its deepest, Scratch means the freedom from the need to be perfect, freedom from the need to have it all figured out. We all want to get somewhere in life and a lot of times we overlook the beauty of the journey there. Life is a journey, a creative process of trial and error, and there is beauty in accepting that.

In search of freedom from convention, no lyrics for scratch were written down. This mixtape was constructed over many miles on Houston freeways and in Houston traffic, free styling to instrumentals, and includes outtakes from recording sessions, off-key singing, lyrically and a humble acceptance that makes it refreshing.

Scratch also represents the return to the essence of hip-hop. The songs selected to cover all bear within them the essence of rap music, which is an energy that is electric!

We don't need to be perfect, or have all the answers, we just need the courage to begin moving towards where we want to be. Embrace the process and enjoy Scratch!